As Polikor ,

Quality, environment, occupational health and safety our integrated management system primarily in the area of polyester putty we manufacture all the products in the purpose of Meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, including society, the environment and fulfill our responsibilities to our employees and to continuously improve our service quality.

To achieve this goal;;

  •   A preventive approach and risk-based thinking with the effective operation of processes, continuous improvement and maintenance of the necessary manpower, knowledge, infrastructure and the environment-determination and to supply optimum use of all resources in this context,

  • Integrated Management System to continuously improve our performance,

  • To create a healthy and safe working environment, all kinds of accidents at work and occupational diseases are preventable, our employees and the health of all concerned into believing that all risks that may impair the integrity of systematic and preventive approach by identifying in advance our employees to take the necessary measures to make it sustainable,

  •   To ensure efficient use of energy and natural resources, to protect the environment from the point of view of life cycle and sustainable development, to take care to prevent pollution and to reduce waste at source, to improve our recovery methods, to promote recovery and to give continuous positive value to the environment,,

  • Create and increase awareness of quality, environment, Occupational Health and safety of our employees, stakeholders and society,

  • Support and develop our suppliers,

  • To employ employees with the awareness that our most important value is human resources and to keep employee quality and satisfaction at the highest level by continuously investing in our employees

we’re committed.

Publication History: 10.06.2004

Update Date: 10.03.2020