Polyurethane 0114

Polikor Polyurethane 0114 is a polyurethane based, semiflexible thixotropic putty compound which can be used for surface coating, sealing and corrosion protection purposes. It has good chemical resistance properties against sea water, water, various corrosive and aggressive environments combined with very good impact resistance, flexibility and adhesion properties.

Polikor Polyurethane 0114 can be used for protection of various surfaces against water and moisture penetration. It can also be used as a car repair putty to fill and smooth the surface irregularities. Due to the corrosion resistance properties it is a good base for corrosion protection of various concrete or metal based storage tanks, process vessels and pipes.

Item No Colour Packing Units Net
005011 White 1/1 12 1.000 Kg
005028 White 5/1 4 5.000 Kg
005035 White 25/1 1 25.000 Kg