Polisilver Aluminium Polyester Putty

Polisilver Aluminium Polyester Putty is a semiflexible, high reactive unsaturated polyester based putty which contains special aluminium metal and high quality fillers. The putty has excellent thixotropic structure and a butter-like workability. In conjunction with benzoyl peroxide as hardener, it readily hardens even at low temperatures (down to 5 °C). Polisilver Polyester Aluminium Putty provides a tack-free surface with aluminium effect. Polisilver has a number of uses. It may be used for instance in bodyworks where aluminium effect is necessary or instead of soft-soldering. Using this product it can also be possible to repair cracks in cylinder blocks or holes and cavities in radiators.


Item No Colour Packing Units Net
006209 Aluminium 2/1 8 1.850 Kg